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Osteopathy and Voice: irritable bowel syndrome (IBS syndrome)

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS syndrome)

Several artists suffer from this disorder and the impact of correct and physiological visceral functionality on the voice has been known for years.

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) has a high prevalence in the general population and is one of the main reasons for medical consultation, with actual occurrence in 10-20% of cases in the general population.

Treatment currently consists of prescriptions combined with the advice of a diet rich in fiber and beneficial agents, and medical treatment with antispasmodic drugs, laxatives, antidiarrheals or antidepressants.

Among the various alternative treatments proposed, the usefulness of probiotics and hypnotherapy has been seen, although the effectiveness of psychological treatment has not yet been established. Osteopathy is also an alternative treatment modality.

It should be underlined that these treatments are not and must not be exclusive but integrative of the therapeutic plan.

The goal of osteopathic treatment in IBS is to restore movement in the middle of an abdominal organ or within the organ itself.

Osteopathy is a manual therapy that emphasizes normal tissue mobility. Respects the interrelationship between mind and body and recognizes that the human body functions as a

dynamic unit. This fits perfectly with the concept of the biopsychosocial model and the gut-brain axis. It seems likely that different osteopathic treatment modalities are able to intervene at different levels of this brain-gut axis.


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