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Osteopathy and Voice: laryngeal manipulation and spasmodic dysphonia

Laryngeal manipulation and spasmodic dysphonia

Literature from the 1990s to today has demonstrated the effectiveness and usefulness of laryngeal manipulations in disorders caused by laryngeal hypertension and the entire anterior package of the superior triangle.

It is known, in fact, that excessive activity of the extralaryngeal muscles has a clear and important impact on the voice, contributing to exacerbating/accentuating the symptoms of both muscle tension dysphonia, spasmodic dysphonia and psychogenic dysphonia. For years, the role of the osteopath has been well integrated into the voice team together with the speech therapist in the care of these patients.

Rebalancing and inhibition techniques also help Botox therapies.

Specifically, laryngeal manipulation identifies:

  • Excessive laryngeal superiority

  • Local pain

  • Voice change to manual tissue reconditioning


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