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Osteopathy and Voice: Sigmatism, the story of A.

A. is a 12-year-old boy who came to the office three years ago for an atsigmatism disorder, sent to his ophthalmologist. During the evaluation I realized that he had some pronunciation defects, specifically he could not pronounce the letter S well, he had that defect that is commonly called sigmatism or lisp. Leaving aside the vision problem we have dealt with, I asked A.'s mom since when she found the speech impediment and what she was doing to fix it. She told me that she had already been to the pediatrician who in turn sent her to a speech therapist and a phoniatrician. A. at the time of the visit to my office had already followed 2 cycles of 20 speech therapies to no avail, just "it's boring to say all those words". The only solution that was ultimately proposed to the family had been the application of a palate expander device because in any case A. also had a problem with an ogival palate and 'perhaps the treatment of this would have solved something else'. I asked A.'s mother to try to trust me and postpone the new meeting with the dentist for at least a couple of months. We started working with two sessions a month on articulators and resonators with particular attention to the cranial sphere as a whole, in order to create a treatment that would help the visual and phonatory disturbances at the same time. After 5 sessions, A. has solved her ailment and, just to complete the picture, she doesn't even wear glasses.

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