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Osteopathy, Healthcare Profession in the area of Prevention

Osteopathy, Healthcare Profession in the area of Prevention

With Law 3/2018, Osteopathy was identified as a Healthcare Profession and, with the profile drawn up in the autumn of 2020 and being published in the Official Journal, it was included in the Prevention Area.

What does all this mean?

This area includes all the professions and therapeutic measures useful for preventing the onset,

spread and progression of diseases and the occurrence of irreversible damage when the pathology is active.

This macro area is divided into three sectors of intervention:

• PRIMARY PREVENTION: it is the main form of prevention that includes all

interventions which, by counteracting causes and predisposing factors, hinder the onset of diseases. The Osteopath in this therapeutic phase will also suggest changes in habits and incorrect behaviors, environmental changes;

• SECONDARY PREVENTION: Its objective is the early identification of subjects with disorders or at high risk so as to be able to direct the healing mechanism, or prevent its onset and/or progression;

• TERTIARY PREVENTION: It is aimed at reducing the severity and complications of already established disorders and often borders on therapy, for example when it deals with managing functional deficits and disabilities resulting from a dysfunctional pathological state;

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