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Use of ultrasound, elastosonography, Doppler and Power-Doppler in therapy

Use of ultrasound, elastosonography, Doppler and Power-Doppler in therapy

Physiotherapist and Osteopath are Health Professions, the first identified in 1999, the other identified and being defined in 2018 (GU 21/09/2021), which work either in collaboration with other Health Professions or independently, and carry out rehabilitation and prevention and health maintenance interventions respectively.

Ultrasonography or ultrasound (USG) is undoubtedly an objective methodology that gives results the moment it is performed and represents a leap in quality in therapeutic plans.

The use of USG in Healthcare Professions dealing with therapy concerns the musculoskeletal system and allows Professionals to:

  • improve and integrate physiotherapeutic and osteopathic evaluation

  • improve and better define the therapeutic choice

  • monitor tissue responses during and at the end of the therapeutic plan

Therapists can avail of USG support during and at the end of their practice but cannot issue diagnostic reports.

It remains unchanged that before using this tool, Professionals must conduct a clinical history and a physiotherapeutic and/or osteopathic functional assessment in order to recognize any red flags of absolute medical competence. From this perspective, the USG also takes on a preventive role.

The biomechanical properties of soft tissues reflect the pathophysiology of musculoskeletal disorder to some extent. Within USG, Elastosonography is a method that allows access to the mechanical properties of soft tissues qualitatively and quantitatively and, Doppler and Power Doppler allow the identification and monitoring of inflammatory conditions and possible neovascularizations, thus aiding therapeutic interventions.

The fundamental point is that professionals are truly and regularly trained in the use of these methods in order to be able to correctly report to doctors on the progress of therapeutic management.


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