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With preventive and online consultancy, OsteoConnect allows you to access immediate professional support, both to start your treatment journey and to follow it remotely, guaranteeing personalized and safe treatments, in line with your specific needs.


Preventive consultancy

The possibility of sending clinical documents in complete safety and confidentiality in order to understand whether the case can already be approached osteopathically or another intermediate clinical step is required

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Preventive Consultation Form

To confirm whether or not osteopathic intervention is appropriate for your disorder, you can send your clinical documentation accompanied by a short story of the case for a Preventive Evaluation.

If your condition is osteopathic, it will be possible to schedule a First Visit during which a specific anamnestic investigation, evaluation tests and osteopathic treatment will take place.

The Preventive Assessment response will be sent by email within 48-72 days of receiving the documents

The cost for this service is €40

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Osteopathic insights

A collection of articles, reflections and analyzes that explore the vast world of osteopathy. From the latest scientific research to practical techniques, each post is a journey to discover how osteopathy can improve not only physical health, but also overall well-being.

Online consultancy

Once the voice disorder has been identified and the in-office treatment has been set, it is possible to use online consultations/sessions to define therapeutic strategies even remotely


First visit and osteopathic treatment plan completely agreed with the relevant specialist in total patient safety and in full compliance with the rehabilitator

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