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Valentina Carlile Osteopata
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A moving voice

A moving voice

Habemus Corpus. Valentina Carlile is one of the three phoniatrician osteopaths that exist in the world, and has collaborated on the tours of people such as Madonna and Lady Gaga

For Valentina Carlile it all began by chance in 2002. «I had just obtained the title of osteopath and was in the USA for a study on the dysfunctions of dancers at the Berklee College of Music in Boston and the America Ballet, where I followed the musical section. While attending the rehearsals I noticed that the artists, according to the movements, produced different sounds. The choreographers confirmed to me that motion or posture affects the larynx. The key principle of osteopathy is that every part of the body can interact with the organism through movement. I thought that if movement can influence vocal emission, muscle contractions can...


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