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Carcinoma of the tongue, oral cavity: Role of the Osteopath

Carcinoma of the tongue, oral cavity: Role of the Osteopath

The latest clinical data reports that every year, in Italy, there are 44,000 new cases of tongue and oral cavity carcinoma and very often patients are diagnosed when the problem is already advanced.

Any lesion of the oral mucosa that does not heal within two weeks should be promptly reported to a specialist.

This pathology usually presents with pain and an ulcer that can affect the lip or tongue with a change in the color of the tissue, red, red and white or just white.

The diagnosis is usually followed by surgery and radiotherapy which involve removal of the lesion and the affected lymph node component.

In more complex cases, where tissue removal is more important, the patient subsequently undergoes speech therapy rehabilitation for swallowing and speech.

The osteopathic intervention, associated with speech therapy, aims to restore comfort to the "reworked" structures, to the cicatricial adhesions and to the dysfunctional overload patterns possibly resulting from poor sensitivity or biomechanical imbalances, especially at the beginning of the rehabilitation phase and above all when there is hemiglossectomies.

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