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Osteopathy and Musicians #1: Don't compensate for asymmetric work

Osteopathy and Musicians #1: Don't compensate for asymmetric work

No musician works in a completely balanced way. The oboist, for example, supports the weight of the instrument on the front of the body, creating more work for the back muscles. The trombonist's right arm constantly moves back and forth but never up and down. Such imbalances can negatively affect muscles, tendons, joints and the spine, making the musician less efficient at work, causing muscle pain and fatigue, and increasing the chances of malfunction and the potential for more serious injury or illness in the future.

What to do

It is necessary to work those parts of the body that are exercised less, for example carrying out compensatory physical activity, and make sure that the posture or the way of holding the instrument do not contribute to, or generate, imbalances greater than those absolutely necessary, even considering specially adapted instruments

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