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Osteopathy and stuttering

Osteopathy and stuttering

Those who do not have speech problems believe that this is an obvious gift but it is not.

The voice is a very important relational element and not having it, or having disorders, creates many inconveniences.

Some scholars compare stuttering to fever; just as this scientifically occurs in response to a biological need, in the same way the speech observed in a stutterer can be a normal compensation to release a block that has occurred at a level not yet primarily defined and for the resolution of which a period of time may be necessary stuttering.

Many patients find that a successful approach to stuttering reduces its impacts on communication as much as possible using one's own self-healing mechanism. From here it is clear that a successful remedy is one that optimizes the effects of the natural mechanisms of improving fluency.

Osteopathy, by relaunching the self-healing mechanisms, is a valid help for this fluency disorder, in fact, associated with it, several interesting body pictures emerge on which the Osteopath intervenes:

  • Incorrect use of respiratory and pneumophonatory dynamics

  • Somatic dysfunctions affecting the chest and spine

  • Somatic dysfunctions within the vocal tract

  • Somatic dysfunctions in the cranial cavity

Saying that a treatment for stuttering has been successful means having eliminated the symptoms and signs and with them their negative impact on life, and having increased the efficiency and effectiveness of communication. Over the years, more and more speech therapists are collaborating with osteopaths. precisely in this perspective.

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