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Osteopathy and Voice - Pilots and astronauts, vocal accelerations and decelerations

Pilots, especially military, and astronauts are constantly subjected to great physical and mental stress throughout their career, this is one reason why their fitness is a must to cultivate and care for.

The continuous accelerations and decelerations subject their bodies to continuous stresses and in addition to their body, their voice is also affected by these stresses. Laryngeal structures are structures in particular conditions of equilibrium, and many of these are in a condition of 'suspension' maintained by precarious balances and elastic forces that certainly allow the modulation of sound but which in turn, precisely by their nature, they may limit its functionality. Furthermore, astronauts are subjected to enormous variations in the force of gravity, sometimes in fractions of time, and therefore the control of the body's self-regulation systems are put to the test.

Some scientists have verified that the increase in the fundamental (note) vocal frequency is directly related to an increase in stress. Studies carried out on pilots and astronauts in difficult conditions show a proportional increase in the fundamental frequency for the amount of stress experienced. Finding the effects of stress and fatigue on the voices of cosmonauts has revealed that the increase in heart rate is positively correlated with a greater intensity of the higher vocal formants. The raising of the vocal note corresponds directly with greater emotional tension of the pilots.

Osteopathic treatment in several cases has proved to be a valuable aid in restoring function, thanks to the fact that the techniques applied carry out gentle and gradual tissue biostimulations that allow and encourage the physiological adaptation of the tissues themselves.

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