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Auditory feedback processing in singing

Auditory feedback processing in singing

In general, auditory feedback can be used to evaluate and adjust vocal output.

In singing the crucial component of auditory feedback is F0. When a sound, a melody, reaches the ear, each of the frequencies of the melody is converted into a neural signal at the cochlea, located in the inner ear (Hudspeth, 2000). The characteristic frequencies are processed in several neural regions of the ascending auditory pathways before being further processed in the primary auditory cortex located in Heschl's gyrus in the temporal lobe. Frequency information can be processed at a higher cortical level, i.e. that cortical level that processes the most complex characteristics of auditory signals - located in the lateral gyrus of Heschl, an area sensitive to frequencies and involved in frequency perception (Pushman et al, 2010).

This brain part may also be involved in the organization of frequencies in a hierarchical way. More complex auditory stimuli and functions, such as processing melodic phrases within a melody, involve additional auditory cortical areas along the superior temporal gyrus, adjacent to Heschl's temporal gyrus (polar plane and temporal plane).

When controlling sequences of notes or short melodies, the recruitment of additional areas outside and inside the temporal lobe (e.g. auditory and frontal lobe) occurs, probably during working memory processes that keep track of multiple frequencies (Zatorre & Zarack, 2012 ).

Another area seems involved in vocal timbre. The superior temporal sulcus responds to vocal sounds (Belin et al., 2000).

For excellent hearing function, there must be excellent tubal functionality at the base and this in turn is correlated with optimal behavior of the tongue.

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