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Autism, Asperger's, neuro-development and entry into the world of work

Autism, Asperger's, neuro-development and entry into the world of work

The DSM, i.e. the reference criterion of psychiatrists, defines an autistic subject in the presence of a persistent deficit in communication and social interaction and a narrow range of repetitive behaviors and interests, resistance to change, poor or excessive reactivity to sensory stimuli.

In boys the disorder seems to occur 4 times more than in girls and women with Asperger syndrome are even 1 in 10. One of the reasons behind this numerical difference between men and women is that girls demonstrate stereotyped interests from childhood and intense but less singular and have a greater predisposition to echolalia (repetition of words) which can be mistaken for linguistic precocity.

Some studies on cognitive development have highlighted how, in adolescence, there is still room for improvement and strengthening of IQ, it is not late, both in cases in which the onset is below stable and has continued in a constant manner, and in cases in which there has been an initial development with normal acquisitions followed by loss of the same. In this regard, several studies have highlighted how the educational inclusion of these subjects in "normal" structures compared to dedicated structures favors neuro-cognitive improvement, even with the support of a dedicated educator, this is because immersion in a a stimulating and protected, varied, rich environment that provides the means to adapt to the different situations that are also found in the outside world.

The same goes for subjects with Asperger's, which is a less marked autistic condition, without intellectual or language deficits.

As regards entry into the world of work, the choice is made based on the subject's abilities and passions, which on the autistic spectrum are all-encompassing.

However, insertion into the common environment brings high levels of stress and depression, so it is always necessary to provide help for these patients who are more likely to experience burnout, even though they function well socially and excel in some fields.


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