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OsteoConnect: Find out if Osteopathy is the solution for you


In the field of Osteopathy, the first step towards an appropriate treatment path is to determine whether an individual's specific needs fall within the scope of osteopathic expertise. This is why I thought of creating the OsteoConnect service, to offer preliminary consultancy based on the analysis of clinical documentation provided by the user. This service aims to establish a first targeted professional contact, facilitating access to qualified support for those seeking specific answers to their condition.

What is OsteoConnect?

OsteoConnect represents the gateway to the world of Osteopathy, offering an initial consultation that allows you to evaluate whether a certain disorder or condition could benefit from an osteopathic intervention. Through the secure sending of clinical documentation, users can receive my first professional evaluation directly, without the need for an immediate commitment to treatments. This process is confidential and secure, and also offers unprecedented convenience in receiving specialist advice.

Why OsteoConnect?

The consultancy offered through OsteoConnect stands out for several reasons:

  • Accessibility and convenience: The ability to submit clinical documentation online eliminates geographic and logistical barriers, making osteopathic consultation accessible to anyone, anywhere.

  • Professional Evaluation: Each case is examined by me personally, allowing for an accurate evaluation based on years of experience in the osteopathic field.

  • Informed Decision: The consultation provides users with the information needed to make an informed decision whether to proceed with an osteopathic appointment, without pressure or obligation.

How does OsteoConnect work?

The process has been simplified to ensure ease of use and accessibility:

  • Documentation submission: Users upload their clinical documentation to the OsteoConnect platform, along with a short story of their case.

  • Evaluation: I review the documentation submitted, evaluating whether the condition presented may benefit from osteopathic intervention.

  • Feedback: Within 48-72 hours, users receive feedback via email indicating whether their case is osteopathic and whether it is advisable to schedule an appointment for further evaluation.

OsteoConnect is proposed as an essential first step in the path of those seeking answers and solutions in the field of Osteopathy. My preliminary consultation is a unique opportunity to receive an initial professional evaluation, without obligation, directly and conveniently from your device.

If you are looking for professional advice to understand if your case falls within the scope of Osteopathy, OsteoConnect is the service for you.

Visit OsteoConnect and send your clinical documentation for a preliminary evaluation.

Start your journey to wellness.


Valentina Carlile - Osteopath expert in Osteopathy applied to voice and speech disorders since 2002. For information and reservations visit the page Contacts

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