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Osteopathy and Parkinson's: clinical case

Osteopathy and Parkinson's: clinical case

A male patient, aged 64, presents to the office with parkinsonism which gives him problems with rigidity in movements in all joint segments, lumbar pain, dysphagia and dysarthria.

Already undergoing treatment in a dedicated center for physiotherapy and speech therapy, he was sent to me by the neurologist to integrate the osteopathic treatments with the other therapies in progress.

The patient also practices Nordic walking at an association that follows Parkinson's patients.

The primary focus was on having to structure a non-invasive treatment that could integrate well with his therapeutic plan.

The literature has highlighted the benefits of manipulations on the spine, so I evaluated the inclusion of HVLA techniques in the plan.

Another work I discussed with the neurologist was the one on ortho-parasympathetic balance, and the link was global myofascial release.

Particular attention was paid to the laryngeal package and upper airway in terms of functional rigidity. To better understand this picture I performed a USG structural examination to verify both the state of tension and the quality of the tissues on which I would have to intervene, and to verify the results of the manipulative treatment in laryngeal and perilaryngeal structures and on the floor of the mouth and tongue.

After an initial period of treatment every 3-4 weeks, I now see the patient every 6, varying what is done in the sessions also based on how the patient feels on the day of the session. When the work in the office is a little more important, the patient even takes 2-3 days before feeling the benefits. Teamwork gave him greater autonomy and ease in all the dysfunctions taken care of, and significantly reduced his symptoms.


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