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OSTEOPATHY AND SLEEP APNEA 3 - dysfunctional biomechanics of sleep apnea and osteopathic intervention

dysfunctional biomechanics of sleep apnea and osteopathic intervention

In a previous article (OSTEOPATHY AND SLEEP APNEA #2 - Anatomy and biomechanics of the lingual chain during swallowing) The correct functionality of the lingual chain in swallowing dynamics has been described, which allows, with its mutual tension forces, to bring the resting system back to neutrality. However, when we find ourselves in the presence of dysfunctions affecting this chain (such as for example in hypomandibles, in the alteration of dental class, in dysfunctional swallowing and in the presence of visceral disorders) the capacity for reciprocal tensional interaction of the top-down systems is lost and bottom-up and what can occur is an excessive traction of this chain, through its fascia, on the skull base, producing an advancement (protrusion) of the head and an inability to return to neutrality. This phenomenon is more evident at night or in moments of rest when active control is lost and, if the predominant component is the visceral one (from below), a posterior displacement of the tongue will be produced with a resulting obstruction of the airways.

Osteopathic treatment is aimed precisely at freeing these dysfunctional tractions through the evaluation and functional restoration of those systems that tend to interrupt the correct tissue balance.

It is a good idea to follow the osteopathic treatment with functional lingual recovery with speech therapy to be able to deconstruct incorrect motor engrams and set correct automatisms.


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