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Osteopathy and treatment of somatosensory tinnitus

Osteopatia e trattamento degli acufeni somatosensoriali

Somatosensory tinnitus can be perceived as whistling, buzzing, sensation of blocked ears.

It seems that those who are most affected are people over 50, women and those who suffer from temporomandibular joint disorders, although tinnitus is well present in all other categories. Tinnitus triggered by the somatosensory system of the TMJ and cervical muscles, also defined as Somatic Tinnitus, seems to be present in 36%-43% of subjects affected by subjective Tinnitus (idiopathic, benign).

Osteopathic treatment associated with Therapeutic Exercise of the TMJ and Cervical Spine, together with patient education, especially regarding night rest, regular physical activity and nutrition, have shown good results in tinnitus triggered by the somatosensory system.

Tinnitus symptoms are short-lived for most people; It usually goes away after a couple of days or weeks, but due to heavy use of headphones and cell phones, noise pollution causes a long-lasting and hearing-damaging experience for teenagers and adults.

Tinnitus affects a person's hearing, which processes auditory information (it is common to experience tinnitus even during a loud concert/show).

The different sounds (each person has a specific pattern/type) cause a change in the signal that reaches the brain, which is responsible for processing everyday noise.

This part of the brain is called the auditory cortex and if it is damaged it indicates that some different parts of the auditory cortex are not receiving signals as correctly as before.

Tinnitus itself somewhat reduces a person's hearing to a small degree. It should be noted that one in three people with tinnitus have not experienced any hearing loss.


  • Go to a noisy, high-volume environment

  • Lesions/dysfunctions at the cranio-cervical-mandibular and ear level

  • Hearing loss

  • Ear pathologies

  • Ear infections

  • Anxiety and emotional stress

  • Side effects of drugs (ototoxic drugs)

  • Neurovascular conflicts, hypertension

  • Musculoskeletal stiffness

  • Central neurological disorders

Most of these cases are caused by the lack of proper communication between the ear, brain and intermediate organs. In each of these cases, cranial osteopathy offers a suitable treatment and a manageable solution. Here are a couple of facts to be aware of in case you encounter this disease.

The Osteopath, through the use of myofascial release, articulatory, ligament balancing and cranial techniques, works on the somatic systems related to the disorder and found in dysfunction, thus alleviating symptoms and auricular tension.

At the end of the first visit, he will provide the patient with strategies and advice on therapeutic exercise and mobility, self-massage and dietary suggestions.

The osteopathic treatment of tinnitus is a long-term treatment that must be planned and timed carefully but it is certainly possible to see its effectiveness from the first 3-4 sessions.


Valentina Carlile - Osteopath expert in Osteopathy applied to voice and speech disorders since 2002. For information and reservations visit the page Contacts

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