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Osteopathy and voice, "frayed" vocal cord: the story of L.

L. voice' professional, presented with an unsolicited 'blown voice' problem, that is, due to a problem of 'fraying of a vocal cord' encountered by a speech therapist, her voice has progressively changed resulting in a blowing, a somewhat hoarse output, which over time accentuates this defect more and more. L. rightly commented 'I'm glad to have the opportunity to blow my voice for a virtuosity, I wrinkle a bit if I can't do without it!' Well we started with a first evaluation of the biomechanics of the phonatory system in static and in dynamics and this was followed by a synchronization treatment of the vocal tripod (mandible, hyoid, occiput) with the tongue, the major articulator and the result was that after two days L. told me that she had already heard a change in terms of volume and phonatory space, saying 'Much better than before! Thanks!'. Now we will work together for the functional improvement of mechanic of the vocal cord in question and a good drainage that can restart the mechanism and keep it in the long distance.

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