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Ear protectors and tinnitus

Ear protectors and tinnitus

As we know, prolonged exposure to loud sounds and noises can cause hearing loss and tinnitus.

It is important to know that hearing loss is irreversible.

For those who necessarily have to be in contact with noisy environments, there are ear protectors which can have both a preventive and therapeutic value (the latter in case of tinnitus).

These devices reduce the intensity of the sound that enters the ear without isolating the person from the environment. For this purpose there are different levels of protection, also in relation to the type of use that the patient has to use it.

But how do we know when we are in the presence of a strong intensity?

Sound intensity is measured in units called decibels.

Sounds less than or equal to 70 dB are safe.

From 80 dB onwards, the noise starts to be potentially harmful.


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