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What is art medicine better known as Performing Arts Medicine?

Performing Arts Medicine

Performing Arts Medicine (PAM) focuses on the care and treatment of specific problems affecting performing artists, including musicians, dancers, singers, and actors. Although PAM may be considered a branch of occupational medicine, many performing arts professionals do not have an occupational health background and represent a wide variety of healthcare specialties. PAM is, rather, more analogous to sports medicine in that it involves the specific and professionally targeted treatment of small and large structures of the body. It is essential that those who deal with these professions have strong preparation regarding the specific needs and direction of individual patients.

A discrepancy of even a few millimeters, which perhaps in the common patient does not create major inconveniences, for example for those who deal with dance and/or voice has fundamental importance for the specific proprioception and for the use of stability at the Core level -Links that these two professions require.

Dancers often suffer muscle overuse injuries that can lead to tendonitis or muscle strain in large muscles.

Musicians may develop bursitis or tendonitis when smaller muscles are required for repetitive fine motor control. Some drugs, including anti-inflammatory ones, that we all usually take, may not be good for a vocal artist, just as dysfunctional swallowing can put both a vocal artist and a wind instrument musician in difficulty.

Art medicine professionals work closely with a variety of specialists, such as those in physical medicine, rehabilitation and prevention, neurology, hand/orthopedic surgery, rheumatology and otolaryngology, to provide artists with comprehensive care.


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