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Discover OsteoVocalPro: the vocal evolution and care service dedicated to voice artists and professionals

Discover OsteoVocalPro: the vocal evolution and care service dedicated to voice artists and professionals

Today I want to talk to you about the OsteoVocalPro service which represents the essence of my work and research: a service which, despite being recognized and appreciated internationally, deserves an in-depth presentation. The decision to dedicate an exclusive section to him on the site was born from the desire to precisely outline his abilities and purposes, making him accessible to anyone who wishes to explore and expand their vocal potential.

The OsteoVocalPro service

OsteoVocalPro represents the synthesis of my professional vision, a complete and innovative path for the care and development of the voice. Through a personalized approach, aimed at meeting individual needs, this program offers a wide variety of solutions to optimize vocal performance and enable vocal system health.

What OsteoVocalPro includes:

- Personalized assessment: Each path begins with a detailed analysis of vocal characteristics, identifying strengths and areas for improvement.

- Vocal osteopathic technique: Application of osteopathic techniques to improve the functionality of the vocal system, promoting effective and efficient use of the voice.

- Vocal strengthening exercises: Personalized program of exercises to strengthen the voice, improving control and resistance.

- Vocal and interpretative coaching: Technical and interpretative support for emotionally rich and technically solid performances.

- Vocal rehabilitation: Strategies aimed at recovering from vocal injuries, with the aim of a complete return to activity.

Methodologies used:

- Structural analysis of the voice system: Use of advanced technologies for a precise analysis of the structural characteristics of the pneumo-phonatory system.

- Specific manual therapies: Manual techniques, including osteopathic and myofascial, adapted for the vocal system.

- Respiratory training: Exercises to improve the use of breathing and air management, essential for a healthy voice.

OsteoVocalPro Objectives:

Performance optimization: Increase voice quality, power and endurance.

Injury prevention: Reduce the risk of vocal damage through correct use of the voice.

Rehabilitation: Support in recovering from injuries, for a safe return to professional activity.

Artistic growth: Promote artistic and personal development through greater vocal awareness.

Aimed at voice professionals of all levels, from established artists to those starting their careers, OsteoVocalPro is designed to provide the tools necessary to express your maximum vocal potential while maintaining health and safety.

OsteoVocalPro is not simply a service, but a deep commitment to vocal excellence, an invitation to explore and realize the full potential of your voice. The dedication and experience that characterize my approach are at the complete disposal of anyone who wishes to undertake a path of vocal growth and development, regardless of the stage of their career.

I invite voice professionals of all levels to visit the OsteoVocalPro section on my website.

Here you will find detailed information on the service, the methodologies used and the benefits you can obtain. It is an opportunity to deepen your knowledge of this unique program, which has already helped many artists and professionals discover new dimensions of their vocal expression.

If you feel the desire to explore how OsteoVocalPro can enrich your career and improve your vocal health, please do not hesitate to contact me for a personalized consultation. I will be happy to listen to your needs and show you the path best suited to you, guaranteeing support and guidance at every stage of your vocal development.


Valentina Carlile - Osteopath expert in Osteopathy applied to voice and speech disorders since 2002. For information and reservations visit the page Contacts

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