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Noise pollution: how to reduce its harmful effects?

Noise pollution: how to reduce its harmful effects?

Noise pollution can significantly impact our body (hypertension, impaired cognitive functions, chronic stress).

How to overcome this problem?

The first defense against noise pollution is to do everything we can to control the environment and limit the noise in the space we are in. Some strategies include:

• Double glazed windows

• Reduce noise in the workplace

• Turn off the TV when not needed

• Wear hearing protectors

It is very important to try to create an environment that is as healthy as possible from noise in which to live. We just think that part of the toll that noise pollution takes on the body is due to the activation of the body's stress response, it is logical to try to counteract some of these negative effects by regularly using techniques that can reverse the physiological changes in the body caused by stress chronic.

For those who find themselves living near airports or in noisy urban centres, there are white noise machines or sound machines which reproduce waterfalls, rain and streams. These sounds mask environmental noises that can distract us or negatively affect sleep.

In the office or workshop it is possible to use hearing protectors or headphones with noise collection.

These systems can improve mood, increase immunity to disease, or simply restore our energy.

There are also several useful techniques to reduce stress which include:

• Breathing exercises

• Meditation

• Yoga


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