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ORTHODONTICS AND OSTEOPATHY #3: A healthy mouth helps breathing and learning

ORTHODONTICS AND OSTEOPATHY - A healthy mouth helps breathing and learning

Maintaining a "healthy" mouth is not just about being able to show off a beautiful smile. Several studies indicate a link between chewing problems and breathing difficulties in childhood, which in turn can influence cognitive abilities.

We have always known the importance of correct nutrition, starting from breastfeeding, then continuing with the stages of weaning, and with the importance of a correct choice of foods that allow all the mouth-chewing functions that will help the child to create the central and physical stimulation necessary to develop correct cranial balance. How and how much we chew in the first years of life seems to be able to influence the functionality of the brain, with effects on memory and intellectual development: correcting a malocclusion means breathing better and therefore having a more efficient mind.

The link between a healthy mouth, correct breathing and cognitive abilities is also important in a widespread although underestimated childhood respiratory problem, obstructive sleep apnoea: up to 20% of children are habitual snorers and this disorder can have negative consequences on cognitive functioning, behavior and learning. The micro-awakenings associated with breathing difficulties in fact disturb the quality of sleep and this, for example, can increase irritability and reduce the child's attention span during the day.

Contact an Osteopath as soon as possible to subject your child to a preventive osteopathic evaluation that can intervene, if necessary, to solve many small problems, thus allowing the child to grow as much as possible in physiology.


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