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Osteopathy, Voice and Singing: The Diapason as a therapeutic tool in singing

The Diapason as a therapeutic tool in singing

Perhaps not everyone knows that tuning forks can also be used in therapy. Specifically, these tools are included among the light therapy tools. On vocal artists, accustomed to being immersed in high-frequency environments, they give an excellent result.

For musculoskeletal and visceral therapies, those with a frequency of 136.10 Hz (deeper) and 128 Hz (more superficial) are used.

Their excitation produces a vibration that can be directed to the body in the muscle bellies, myotendinous junctions, tendons, bones, and in the projection of visceral tissues, as well as on the Chapman points and acupoints. Several studies on the effectiveness of these therapeutic tools have been conducted over the years in Argentina.

In singing we know how important work on resonances is and, if we think specifically about harmonic singing, we see how this urges the vocal tract to produce resonances that bring out the harmonics naturally present in our voice. The perception obtained is that of producing two distinct sounds at the same time, generating a harmonic melody.

A session using only this therapeutic tool lasts approximately 40 minutes and involves the identification and treatment of all the components of the dysfunctional chain.

Very often they are used simply for a harmonious rebalancing of the body.


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