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COVID-19 and Voice: Why should the Omicron variant warn Artists?

The Sars-Cov-2 variant that seems to predominate in this early 2022 is Omicron. Appeared for the first time a few months ago, it has now proved to be highly transmissible and the first studies have described the main characteristics that emerged.

The three major symptoms of COVID-19 have always been: high fever, constant cough, and loss of taste and / or smell.

Omicron has been found to cause slightly different symptoms than previous Covid-19 strains, mainly affecting the upper airways and specifically the throat and larynx.

The first signs of contagion from Omicron impact the quality of voice, even before "making us feel bad", making it hoarse, scratchy, broken, then making us feel the sensation of irritated throat. Subsequently, fatigue, widespread pain, headache, throat irritation, night sweats, dry cough, fever, rhinorrhea, cold and nausea may appear.

Therefore, the advice is to pay absolute attention to the first variations in voice quality, especially in Voice Professionals!

Please, continue to protect ourselves with all the means at our disposal: distancing and use of PPE (ffp2 masks, hand sanitizing gel) in the first place, and use vaccines that are proving to be valid in limiting the spread and severity of the infection!

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