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Hearing: what is the damage and how can it be prevented?

Hearing: what is the damage and how can it be prevented?

Hearing loss is a reduction or absence of hearing in one or both ears. The causes can be multiple, from aging to infections to continuous exposure to loud noises (in some geographical locations even the noise from urban pollution is enough to deteriorate hearing).

Types of Hearing Loss:

• Perceptual: related to a functional deterioration of the hair cells present in the inner ear which stop converting vibrations into sound. This can be related to various causes, including: aging of structures, prolonged exposure to loud noises, infections

• Conductive: due to the fact that sounds are no longer transmitted correctly to the inner ear. The causes here too are different and among these we can identify: earwax plug, perforation of the eardrum, retro-tympanic humidity, inflammatory states

• Mixed: related to both perceptual and conductive loss

• Temporary hearing loss: some diseases, acoustic trauma, allergies and infections can sometimes cause temporary hearing loss

A correct and timely diagnosis by an ENT or audiologist is essential to be able to approach the problem in the best way.

Tinnitus is also a form of hearing damage.

While on the one hand hearing aids and antibiotics can be helpful in some ways, prevention is, as always, the first action to take in order to best preserve our hearing.

What are the "good rules" for prevention?

• Avoid prolonged exposure to loud noises

• Wear hearing protection when you have to expose yourself to loud noises

• Don't listen to music at high volume (especially with earphones)

• Wear appropriate ear muffs and/or hearing protectors if working in noisy environments


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