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How to choose a good kinesiology tape?

How to choose a good kinesiology tape?

It was 2003 when I attended my first Kinesio Taping class, with Dr Kase in Albuquerque. Since then I have attended 5 more. The tape market has expanded a lot since then and today, it is possible to find kinesiology tape even in some supermarkets.

Over the years I have tried using tapes of different brands, arriving at the one that I now prefer to use regularly in my clinical applications.

Over the years I have taught several courses myself in different clinical directions.

The question I always get asked is what is the best tape as there are more and more on the market.

I have never sponsored any brand and I won't do so here either, but I want to give a small but essential general indication.

It is known that the effectiveness of the taping technique depends mostly on the operator who must be well prepared in the various application methods but the tape also has its importance, it is he who will allow the technique to work for the famous 3- 4 days.

We know that it is a single-stretch, latex-free, drug-free cotton tape on which a small amount of glue is applied which cross-links with heat.

What makes the tape a good tape is precisely the quality of the cotton which must be soft enough to guarantee comfort, but above all the quality of the glue. If on the one hand it is true that it must be a thin layer, it is also true that it must have the right power, and it must be in the right quantity to guarantee separation between the areas on which it is applied and the free areas, because in those areas it will have to skin aeration will occur which will allow drainage and ventilation to be promoted with consequent reduction of reactions and optimization of the result.

Another important fact is that the tape must be stored in a cool and ventilated place, otherwise even an excellent tape may not lead to the desired result, because the glue dries out in the heat!


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