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Osteopathy and stuttering: history of B.

Last summer while I was at the OCCF in San Diego I took the opportunity to carry on my own textbook on voice disorders when, one day, students and teachers of the A.T. Still University School of Osteopathic Medicine in Arizona, who were in with me for a course at the Cranial Academy, asked me to talk to them about stuttering, they knew that I deal with this problem and, having me there they wanted me to talk to them about the osteopathic contribution in the treatment of the disorder. . At one point I met A. who asked me what I was doing surrounded by all those people, and I told her my amazement that these people knew me and were so interested in the subject. At the end of the explanation A. she began by saying 'Why do you also deal with stuttering?' and I replied 'Sure, it's a vocal disorder' and she 'Do you think I have my husband B., who she knows, who is stuttering but ... I never wondered why' ... Well I started talking she also had the disorder and in the end she asked me to evaluate her husband because in fact, thinking about it, he was attributable to what I had described to her, and it would have been curious if, now, the problem could be fixed. Given the distance it is not easy to organize the sessions that we are planning also with the help of other Professional Osteopaths in the area, but B. is still improving and I sincerely look forward to being able to personally verify the path taken so far.

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