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Osteopathy and stuttering: story of R.

Milan, February 18, 2014 - It all started on May 20, 2013 when L. came to my office and by chance we started talking about my 'work' on vocal problems. Specifically, she then asked me if I could do something about stuttering because his 19-year-old nephew R. suffered from it.

in a really important way. I told her about the correlations that exist with certain neonatal and perineonatal respiratory diseases. She replied that she did not remember any of this and that she would ask R. Well, already in the evening she sent me an email in which she wrote that she had talked to family members and that she had learned of the birth of R. by caesarean section ten days after the term because 'The mother never had contractions, so they did her the caesarean. The fetus was born in pain because the amniotic fluid was green. He was placed in an incubator for a few days because he was not breathing well through his nose and was full of fluid and mucus, he was intubated to eliminate this crap. At this point she wanted to try osteopathic treatments and the path was set starting from 20 June 2013, the date on which the first visit and the first treatment was made. All the altered parameters that I have always found in stuttering patients were also present in him. The first session was also particular because, being an adult patient and therefore with his emotional assimilation of the disorder and a classic logopedic therapeutic past, carried out for a long and long time without results, there was enough skepticism and despair. After this session there was a period of detachment due to the boy's summer holidays and a resumption of treatments on October 15, 2013. Yesterday, February 17, 2014 R. came for the last time (6 sessions plus the control). Now he speaks serenely and relates calmly and fluently with his peers, university professors, strangers. I thank him very much for giving me the opportunity to grow further by trying to help him.

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