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Osteopathy and Voice: watch out for dental health!

Osteopatia e Voce: occhio alla salute dei denti!

Did you know that recent studies have shown that around 4 out of ten Italians have cavities, 4 suffer from gum disease and 1-2 suffer from severe periodontitis?

If it is true that the major articulator in the voice is the tongue, it is also true that without teeth or with the lack of some of them, the intelligibility of speech is lost.

But it's not just a question of dental care, it's about real health care, which should be done annually by everyone, and do you know why?

  • The increase in tooth decay or enamel erosion is often associated with eating disorders or gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD)

  • Gum inflammation with strong redness of the dental collar and the onset of abscesses can be indicators of possible diabetes

  • Burning in the oral cavity with the presence of a red tongue may be a symptom of iron deficiency anemia

Scientific research has also demonstrated how gum and periodontal diseases increase the risk of contracting certain systemic diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.


Valentina Carlile - Osteopath expert in Osteopathy applied to voice and language disorders since 2002. For information and reservations visit the Contact page

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