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Posture: musicians at the computer

Posture: musicians at the computer

Working long hours at the computer often causes many ailments.

You need to pay attention to some details:

• place the chair as close as possible to the table on which the computer is placed

• Sit at arm's length from the monitor

• do not bend over the table or bring your head close to the monitor

• Your head should be straight and you should be looking only slightly downwards

• The monitor and keyboard must be in front of us and, if necessary, it is useful to raise the monitor using telephone books or something similar to place the top of the screen (not the top of the monitor) at eye level

• use a chair with a backrest and lean well against it

• position your buttocks as far back as possible on the seat

• take breaks regularly

• If you use a laptop it is good to know that they were originally designed as a temporary solution for travellers, but if used as a daily computer, since the keyboard and screen are together, if one is in an optimal position the other will not it is. It is therefore necessary to place it on a desk at the right height and, if necessary, tilt it so that you can see the screen without bending your neck

• If possible, use a separate keyboard and mouse and move the mouse with your shoulder, not just your wrist


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