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Protection of the Artist and his overexposure

Protection of the Artist and his overexposure

Unfortunately, we often hear that some artists communicate that they need to step away from the scene for a certain period of time, for their health.

The overexposure to which many of them are constantly subjected has many repercussions on their health, especially regarding eating disorders, depression, anxiety, substance abuse and in some cases, suicide attempts. For years there have been associations and real assistance plans to help these people. Some have then decided to speak publicly about their story, others are not ready or simply do not want to express their discomfort, trying to keep at least something private about their public life.

Their career began when they were very young and the first destabilizing impact was with the enormous amount of audiences who attended their concerts. Many artists prefer theaters and arenas to stadiums, sometimes precisely to be able to manage audience anxiety. In fact, it involves having to manage 80,000 or 30,000 or 7,000 people per evening. A young person who is catapulted into the Star System is not "born learned" how to manage the public. Anxiety is precisely the first destabilizing element that he will have to deal with and with it, the fear of having an anxiety attack right on stage. Following the constant demand for performance due to which the request is that they then produce something valid forever: "If the bar is high it must be kept high".

Some artists hire therapists who can follow them on tour.

The mantra is necessarily "Day by day... hour by hour" and in their not wanting to disappoint anyone when on stage, whoever works alongside them must be a professional accustomed to managing the scenarios that may arise, and is required to provide all the necessary tools so that the outcome is the best possible, while making it clear that even a mistake, if it happens, will not take anything away from them and will only be a further step towards improvement. It is also and above all obligatory not to over-expose them further by disclosing posts, photos, news that they did not want to make public, they already have so little that is private.

Are we so that Artists always appreciate that we declare to work with them or for them and every time we work on them and for what reason? A moment of glory pleases everyone, but is it so necessary?

I myself have attended specific meetings and conferences on the topic and from year to year I have become more and more careful both in communicating with the Artist and in external communication. It is a must.


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