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Sinusitis and Osteopathy

Sinusitis and Osteopathy

A sinus infection can trigger headaches or pressure in the forehead and cheeks.

The sinuses are four air-filled chambers found in the frontal bones above the eyes, behind the top of the nose, in the sphenoid bones behind the eyes, and in the cheekbones. Their function is to humidify the air, as it travels towards the lungs and traps bacteria in the mucus produced by the lymphatic membranes. These bacteria can then be removed from the sinuses by swallowing the mucus or pushing it out of the naval cavity. When sinusitis occurs, the passages that allow mucus to drain become narrowed and the membranes lining the sinuses may become inflamed. This may present as pain and/or swelling in the face, headache, stuffy nose, feeling of heaviness or pressure in the face, yellow and/or green mucus from the nose, or a persistent cough.

How can Osteopathy help?

Osteopathy can be a useful complementary treatment. Treatment includes work around the face, breasts, neck, thoracic outlet and upper back to help and promote sinus drainage through mucosal and lymphatic work. This will make breathing easier, and any headaches or other symptoms associated with sinusitis should also subside. The neck, shoulders and upper back will be treated to further aid drainage and reduce overall tightness that can exacerbate sinusitis.

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