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Voice and Parkinson's

Voice and Parkinson's

The majority of patients with Parkinson's disease, at some point during the pathology, experience voice and language disorders, including a weak, monotonous, whispery and hoarse voice and uncertain articulation. These problems greatly impact the quality of life of these patients who are limited in participating in conversations.

The earlier the speech problem is identified and treated, the more likely it will be to maintain and manage communication skills as the disease progresses.


One of the reasons that gives the Parkinson patient's voice the above-mentioned characteristics is directly related to the motor system disorders that accompany Parkinson's disease, including stiffness, slowness of movements and tremor. For example, poor muscle activation that leads to bradykinesia (slow movement) and hypokinesia (small movements) in the limbs can transmit to muscles involved in voice and speech. These problems with muscle activation can result in reduced movements of the respiratory system (reduced breath support), larynx (reduced vocal volume), and articulation (reduced speech clarity).

Another reason is a change in sensory processing related to language. Patients with Parkinson's disease may not be aware that their speech is becoming increasingly weak and difficult to understand, and when asked to bring their voice to a normal volume, they often feel like they are shouting, even though those who listen to them perceive that they speak normally.

Still, people with Parkinson's disease may have problems

"guide" yourself to produce a speech with adequate volume. Parkinson's patients can respond to an external cue (for example, an instruction from someone else to "speak loudly"), but their ability to internally inspire themselves to use a louder voice is impaired. These problems impact both the individual and the family.


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