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What happens in the rehabilitation phase is that

Laryngeal manipulation and cordectomy

The primary objective after a cordectomy is to establish contact between the neochord and the remaining cord in order to restore a voice that is as full as possible.

What happens in the rehabilitation phase is that the patient triggers behaviors and compensations that are disadvantageous for therapeutic success.

Osteopathic therapy and laryngeal manipulation are a valid help for the speech therapist and patient in this phase, as they are able to eliminate dysfunctional compensatory attitudes in the bud, allowing the speech therapist professional to be able to "build" an adequate phonatory modality.

Eliminating restrictions, including peripheral ones, will also facilitate the recovery and learning of cost-diaphragmatic breathing and pneumophonic agreement.

Specifically, laryngeal manipulation will have the task of monitoring and canceling the overloads of the functional compensating cord and the false cord. The integration of manipulation in the management of the upper triangle will favor better tissue, neurofeedback and biomechanical compliance.


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