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Chronic sinusitis and voice

Chronic sinusitis and voice

Several patients professionally engaged in voice experience severe discomfort related to chronic sinusitis.

But why do the sinuses, or the air chambers that also contribute to resonance, influence the voice?

Chronic sinusitis is a condition that can cause laryngeal irritation from dripping of infected components and inflammatory substances onto the vocal cords. Most patients with chronic sinus infections experiencing sinusitis experience pressure or pain, but occasionally the only presenting symptom of sinusitis is chronic cough or hoarseness with a dripping, draining, postnasal sensation.

Treatment of chronic sinusitis varies depending on the severity, anatomical problems, and the cause of the infection (bacterial or fungal). Treatment may require antibiotics, mucolytics, rinses (saline or medicated rinses), balloon sinus dilation, or traditional sinus surgery.

Specialist evaluation of the nose and sinuses for the patient with hoarseness is an important part of the visit. Allergies can also cause swelling of the lining of the nose and sinuses and can contribute to nasal polyps that can block the sinuses. Allergy testing can determine whether immunotherapy may be a feasible option for treatment. The singer or speaker with hoarseness from allergies like it eliminates the need to constantly resort to antihistamines and nasal sprays that also create dryness.


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