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Osteopathy and Singing: Singing teacher or vocal coach?

Singing teacher or vocal coach

One of the most frequent doubts among voice users is the difference between "Singing Teacher" and "Vocal Coach".

Many users use both the terms “Teacher” and “Vocal” sometimes interchangeably, yet there is a clear difference between the two roles. Then it happens that there are Professionals who cover both roles.

The difference between the two figures lies precisely in these two terms and if we look at their meaning, the first teaches, the other trains.

But what does it mean that the first teaches?

Well, the first one was educated and teaches vocal pedagogy, singing technique. Her his skills enable him to guide and train a student, from beginner to expert professional, towards a better technique, a better acquisition. Regardless of the student's level, the goal is good technique and a healthy singing voice.

So, if the Teacher teaches the Vocal Coach what does he do?

As the name itself suggests, it trains a singer's voice, its task is to improve performance. A Vocal Coach does not necessarily have the same level of education as a Singing Teacher. The work of a Coach is based on the assumption that a student is already able to sing well and only needs specific training to achieve a goal, for example, preparing for an audition or a production. In this regard, a coach may also focus on movement on stage, refine vocal style, put interpretation and intensity into a song, but she may very well not teach singing.

When in the studio we encounter problems such as breath management or tongue stiffness, we will send our patient to a singing teacher to check and improve the technique, removing in the meantime those stiffnesses that are creating discomfort or overload.

If our patient, however, reports a difficulty in a certain performance in relation to a certain phase of the live preparation or the actual performance, we will work together with his Vocal Coach to improve the patient's functionality allowing him to better manage the performance .


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