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Osteopathy and voice: Dysphonia in pediatric age

Osteopathy and voice: Dysphonia in pediatric age

When we talk about dysphonia we always think of adults who for one reason or another suffer alterations in the quality and effectiveness of their vocal sound.

Children can also experience this type of problem and therefore present hoarseness, aphonia and other symptoms related to dysphonia.

The laryngeal structure of a child is different from that of an adult as the tissues are not yet differentiated and specialized like those of adults, therefore withstanding certain vocal efforts less, especially if prolonged over time. Even the skeletal structures of the splanchnocranium are still in the process of growth and ossification, allowing minor resonances, and the same happens at the level of development of the mouth.

Among the major causes of dysphonia in children are:

- scream

- imitate cartoon voices

- not respecting dialogue turns

- singing in a repertoire that is not really suited to a child's structure

What can arise from this are purely functional dysphonic pictures or those associated with the formation of nodules, which can be perceived initially as discomfort in swallowing, being larger and softer than those of adults and subsequently as the presence of air in the sound, an event which over time it favors further vocal effort. At the voice level, there is a progressive lowering of the vocal frequency with a dirtying of the sound.

When you have a lowered voice, it is a good idea to rest. A phoniatrician will be able to recommend an adequate therapeutic re-educational plan in which very often the figure of the osteopath is included who will specifically take care of the realignment and the right functional freedom of the relevant structures and, through drainage techniques, will be able to favor the "deflation" of the inflammatory conditions laryngeal.


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