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Osteopathy and Voice: The diaphragm #3 - Symptoms of a diaphragmatic condition

Symptoms of a diaphragmatic condition

A medical condition that affects the diaphragm can often cause symptoms similar to those of a heart attack. In case of such symptoms it is always better to seek quick medical advice to avoid underestimating a potential emergency situation.

Above all, you need to pay attention to:

• chest pain

• jaw pain and/or tightness (+ left side)

• Pain and/or tightness in the neck and back

Symptoms specifically of a diaphragmatic condition may include:

• difficulty breathing when lying down

• shortness of breath

• pain in the chest, shoulder, back or abdomen

• pain in the lower ribs

• a fluttering or throbbing sensation in the abdomen

• bluish skin

• stomach ache

• difficulty swallowing

• regurgitation of food

• upper abdominal pain after eating

• hiccup

• lateral pain


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