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Psychogenic elements in spasmodic dysphonia

Psychogenic elements in spasmodic dysphonia

Not infrequently in patients with spasmodic dysphonia (SD) elements are more present

psychogenic rather than neurological. In the anamnestic collection, situations of depression emerge, anxiety or psychological stress also attributed to a hectic lifestyle.

Several studies have evaluated the onset of spasmodic as a manifestation of one

strongly rooted conversion reaction, although not all patients diagnosed with dysphonia

spasmodic show signs of psychoneurosis or even have it but as a stage following the spasmodic.

Cases of patients who developed psychogenic DS in mixed form are reported in the literature

during a period of severe stress. The voice, in these patients, manifested itself with episodes of limited duration interspersed with a normal voice. Laryngeal manipulation, together with vocal therapy and awareness of the psychological problem has significantly improved the clinical picture. The improvement of the voice occurred without compensatory effort and without regression.

It should be noted that in many patients with DS there are head and cervical dystonias, dyskinesias, myoclonus and fasciculations.

The osteopath is well placed in a team to support this type of patient.


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