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Singing, breathing, dyspnea and hyperthyroidism

Singing, breathing, dyspnea and hyperthyroidism

Hyperthyroidism, i.e. the increase in thyroid hormones in the blood, stimulates cellular metabolism and contractility of the heart, significantly increasing the heart rate, bringing it from a range of 60-90 bpm to a range of 120-130 bpm.

A heart that receives excessive stimulation struggles to compensate for any effort, very often resulting in dyspnea.

Those who suffer from hyperthyroidism may struggle even when doing the simplest or most usual activities, such as managing their breath when singing.

In addition to this, excess thyroid hormones cause the destruction of muscle proteins, thus further limiting the ability to perform physical efforts.

Even the presence of a large thyroid nodule or a large goiter can cause breathing difficulties if they cause compression on the trachea with a consequent reduction of the tracheal lumen.

The advice is always to contact a doctor promptly if these symptoms persist so that a therapeutic plan can be effectively drawn up.


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