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What diet with Gilbert's syndrome?

What diet with Gilbert's syndrome?

Dietary control in patients with Gilbert syndrome aims to take advantage of foods that can support liver function. One of the most important dietary measures is not to skip meals and avoid prolonged fasting. If it is necessary to undergo dietary regimes aimed at weight loss, it would be advisable to be followed by dedicated professionals capable of evaluating the optimal calorie plan. Equal attention must be paid to overweight.

As regards the most suitable foods, they are:

complex carbohydrates to be taken preferably in the evening and derived from:

• rice

• tubers

• gluten-free cereals

animal proteins from:

• White meat

• lean fish

• fresh cheeses (moderate intake)

• eggs (moderate intake)

vegetable proteins from:

• cereals

• legumes

• dried fruit

• seeds

There are no major limitations however when it comes to fruit and vegetables.

Obviously, alcohol consumption should be limited.


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